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Elmer Neil Crossley, the “Elmer” of the company’s name, founded the firm in 1978 when he decided to leave the auto body business. Wood burning became popular because of the rise in heating oil prices. You could not buy good quality fittings to go with air tight stoves., so through trial and error he developed a line of elbows, straight pipes, and other fittings using 22 gauge sheet metal. Over the last 25 years the company’s growth and success has been attributed to quality, craftsmanship , and excellent customer service.
Elmer N. Crossley, President
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Elmer's Pipe, Inc.                 PO Box 757                  Windham Maine, 04062
Phone: 207-782-6100              1-800-343-0607
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Elmer's Pipe, Inc. has been manufacturing premium Black Stovepipe and fittings, as well as 22 and 24 gauge Stainless Steel Chimney Lining Systems, for over 25 years. We are pleased that our rugged, heavy gauge pipe continues to provide safety and value to homeowners throughout this country and around the world.

Elmer's complete product line is designed and handmade in Maine by dedicated craftsmen and women. Our products are designed for safety and are beautifully finished. We use only the finest materials available to construct the safest pipe and fittings.

At Elmer's Pipe, Inc., we are so confident of the durability of our heavy 22 gauge black pipe that it is backed by a 5-year guarantee. We manufacture a full line of black pipe... from stove flue to chimney flue. Each piece is constructed to fit perfectly and to last for years. Elmer's 22 black pipe remains the only black connector pipe to be tested for safety and durability and is the only pipe warranted for five years with guarantee of free replacement.

Elmer's Stainless Steel Relining Systems are tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for up to 12" for Elmer's flex and rigid. Our warranties have been simplified and updated to aid the installer as well as the homeowner. Also, all stainless steel products carry a LIFETIME warranty to the original owner.

Elmer's Pipe, Inc. remains a small family business committed to providing our customers with excellent quality Stainless Steel Chimney Restoration Systems and heavy gauge Black Pipe. We are always willing to make special order items to your specifications. Our many loyal customers deserve our heartfelt thanks. Your support and ideas have been appreciated. Without you we would not be here today, continuing the traditions we began in 1978.